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We offer a wide array of services specifically tailored to the needs of your organization. Our services includes:

  • Strategy Development
  • Organizations tend to have a good grasp in understanding their current market position. However, defining a future state strategy involves creativity, market knowledge and most importantly realist goals. Our strategic frameworks can you define a transformation strategy from current to future state that is methodical, attainable and affordable.
  • Process Improvement
    Process design and improvement has become a fundamental need in today’s organizations due to changing factors within organizations. In today’s economy organizations are both trying to innovate and create new products/services to remain competitive and also cut costs through efficiency gains. Both are equally critical in remaining competitive and sustainable, however our strategies can better help define, prioritize and plan activities within a business.
  • Project Management
    A project is usually the result of a business need, improvement requirement, competition or a technology update. It can often be difficult to manage a project from inception to completion therefore obtaining external help can prove to be a value added service. We have experienced Project managers who can execute on your project confidently, and add value to your organization. \A PM can help plan and manage your project in a structured way by ensuring the triple constraint which is cost, time and scope are management diligently and balance out to ensure you achieve your objectives.
  • Workforce Management
    In today’s competitive market its important for organizations to optimally use their most important assets, their people. This is critical in order to control costs and improve bottom line performance. Workforce Management via engineered standards are a great way to reduce costs but also to set target and objectives while measure how competitive your organization is relative to others. Optimal labour productivity and scheduling has become an increasingly important component of day to day operations.

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